Polarity Therapy

As a Polarity Practitioner I assist clients with energy flow through their body. When energy becomes blocked or restricted our vitality and resilience can be lowered. Our enthusiasm for life fades away and we lack Inspiration.

I use my hands to stimulate and balance healing energy through the body. Energy exists everywhere in nature and the flow and balance of energy in the human body is the foundation of health.

Polarity Therapy is a whole body approach to wellness that includes 4 important areas of focus: 1) Spiritual, 2) Mental, 3) Emotional and 4) Physical.

What To Expect During A Polarity Therapy Session


When a client arrives for a session my intention is that you feel the warmth and caring.  That this is a Sacred space where you can relax and allow your body, mind and spirit the opportunity to heal and renew itself.

We spend some time discussing issues or areas of your body you would like to address and focus on.  Stating what your intention is for the session.

During polarity sessions you will be fully clothed. I do reflexology on ears, hands and feet. I use my hands both on and off the body to assist energy flow.  We work with the breath, address thoughts, emotions, and issues if they arise through session.  We can do Cranial Sacral work and discuss diet and exercises that may be beneficial to the client.


How Long Are Polarity Sessions?

A Polarity Therapy session lasts 1 hour, however you may request a longer session if you like.

It is helpful to drink plenty of water after a session and if possible to have some time afterwards for reflection.

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